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Pioneer Doppler Velocity Logs
A New Phase in DVL Technology

600kHz / 300kHz Phased Array DVLs

Teledyne RDI ushers in a new era in Doppler velocity log (DVL) technology with the introduction of its 600kHz and 300kHz Pioneer phased array DVLs.

After integrating into hundreds of vehicles and navigating hundreds of thousands of miles, Teledyne RDI taps into its vast experience to launch the newest DVL technology in the market.

Designed with unmanned and remotely operated vehicles in mind, the 600kHz and 300kHz compact DVLs can be packaged into small, portable, underwater vehicles. Additionally, these powerful DVLs can be leveraged for surface and subsurface manned and unmanned vessels.

Utilizing state-of-the-art electronics, Pioneer DVLs provide an array of advanced internal sensors and offer expanded connectivity with external sensors, while minimizing overall power consumption.

The 600kHz and 300kHz DVLs combine Teledyne RDI’s proven bottom detection algorithms and single ping bottom location accuracy with its broadband velocity processing technology, providing users with highly reliable precision velocity data for navigation and position processing, even over indeterminate terrain.

Pioneer DVLs are available in self-contained and remote head configurations.

600kHz / 300kHz Product Features

  • Bottom-tracking capability for deep water operations: 1000-4500m depth rating for tracking ranges 100-275m
  • Compact DVLs that can be packaged into small portable UUVs of 7.5 inches (<19cm) in diameter
  • Flexible triggering with both trigger in and trigger out
  • Multiple communications channels, allowing for optimum connectivity with external sensors
  • Real-time current profiling option provides additional critical data parameters from a single instrument
  • Self-contained or remote-head options available to meet your needs
  • Advanced AHRS IMU for accurate vehicle attitude correction in static and dynamic environments
  • Leak detection and monitoring for peace of mind in the most critically demanding deep missions
  • Transducer and system health monitoring for real-time health monitoring of your critical navigation asset
Key Specifications
Frequency: 600kHz / 300kHz
Max Depth: 1000-4500m

Pioneer DVL 600kHz/300kHz
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