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Your Opportunity to Make a Positive Impact on our Planet

One of the greatest things about the world today is that everyone has the potential to use their voice, their talents and their passion to leave their mark on this planet. Will yours be a positive one?

Leaps in technology, combined with human curiosity and creativity, have brought about an awe inspiring revolution that enables people to tap into their potential like never before. One simple thought can spark a new idea. One small step can lead you down the path to discovery. One new technology can change the world.

Our company was founded on this principal and continues to live by it on a daily basis. In 1982, RDI had the vision and determination to design the industry's first Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). This game changing technology has allowed tens of thousands of scientists, engineers, and researchers to explore and understand our world's oceans, rivers and streams in a way that was previously thought impossible. Our technology continues to evolve and continues to impact the world in a positive way. At the core of this journey are our remarkable employees. Their dedication, inspiration, talent, and creativity are truly changing the world for the better.

Sound like a team you'd like to join? We're waiting for you!