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Marine Measurements

300 kHz Workhorse Horizontal ADCP (H-ADCP)
Narrow 1° beams for unmatched long-range data...

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The 300 kHz long-range Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP) is a narrow beam acoustic monitoring system that “looks” out horizontally from an offshore or coastal to measure near-surface water currents and multi-directional waves.

This revolutionary tool uses patented BroadBand signal processing to obtain an optimal combination of range, resolution and data quality, which simply cannot be replicated using NarrowBand products.

The H-ADCP measures currents at up to 128 individual points at up to 200 meters horizontal range, offering a clear illustration of the complete flow structure.

Looking for horizontal wave measurements?

Key Specifications
Frequency: 300 kHz*
Max Range: 300 Meters
Standard Depth: 200M
Configuration: Direct read
* Smaller, lighter-weight 600 kHz system is also available. Contact T-RDI for details

Download H-ADCP product line datasheet (642K PDF) >>click here

Application Information
Worhorse H-ADCP Application Notes
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Data Samples
Workhorse H-ADCP Data Samples
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Workhorse H-ADCP Product FAQs 
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Product features
  • Increased Range: 300-kHz frequency and narrow <1° beam work together to ensure an extended profiling range of 200 meters or more.
  • Increased Data: Acoustic Doppler technology provides users with the capability to measure from
    1 to 128 points, providing exponentially more data than a single point instrument.
  • Real-Time Data: Easily installed, the H-ADCP provides unobtrusive real-time data —for real-time decision-making.
  • Robust Construction: Designed so that no calibration is ever required and constructed to allow installations in the most hostile environments.
  • Ease of Operation: Pre-configured for simple operation, the H-ADCP ensures optimum performance with a minimal learning curve.
  • Wave monitoring capability: The H-ADCP can also be upgraded to measure wave height and direction, providing a complete monitoring solution.

Workhorse 300 kHz H-ADCP Application Notes

H-ADCP for offshore applications Highlighted Application:
Oil & Gas
Long range H-ADCP with waves array for offshore oil and gas applications >>more

H-ADCP application Highlighted Application:
Port & Harbor
Narrow beam H-ADCP with waves array for port & harbor applications >>read on

H-ADCP application Highlighted Application:
Navigation Channel
Horizontal Profiling Goes A Long Way...
...over 200 meters in Denmark's first H-ADCP installation, to be exact.   >>read on

H-ADCP application Highlighted Application:
ADCPs for marine renewable energy projects
>>read on

For details on a recent HADCP application, please visit or download their paper, "Horizontal Current Profiling in Lillebelt, Denmark" by Kim Rorbek, DHI Water & Environment for the Teledyne RDI library.

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Workhorse 300 kHz H-ADCP Data Samples

H-ADCP data to follow soon.


Workhorse 300 kHz H-ADCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

» Click here for H-ADCP FAQs

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