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Marine Measurements

Tips, Tools & Resources

We've compiled the following tools and information to assist you with your Marine Measurements application. Be sure to check back regularly for new additions.

Tips & Tools:

Not sure which ADCP is right for your unique application? Consult our ADCP product selection guide >>download PDF; or contact us at e-mail: | Tel. +-858-842-2600.

Technical Tips:

Deployment Planning Tools:

  • We have software that will help you determine the parameters of your ADCP and/or Waves Array deployment.
    >>Download PlanADCP

Teledyne RDI-University:


Industry Resources:

Strategic partners & third party vendors:

  • We have industry resources ready and eager to assist you. Check out our list of industry partners and third party vendors.
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Rental Agencies:

Industry Associations:


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