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Marine Measurements

NEMO Waves Processing Array
Processed real-time waves and ADCP data when and where you need it!


Now there’s no reason to wait for your critical Teledyne RD Instruments Waves data. Used in conjunction with an Teledyne RDI Waves Array, the new NEMO Waves Processing Module actually processes your ADCP/ Waves data at the source, removing the typical constraints for transmitting this data to the surface. NEMO provides you with real-time data for real-time decision making.

Heard about Teledyne RDI's new NEMO interfaces?

>>Teledyne RDI's Workhorse ADCP and/or NEMO Waves Module can now be interfaced to a Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Modem. A new board set integrated within the instrument allows you to upgrade your Workhorse ADCP or NEMO Waves Module to provide real-time wireless acoustic data transmission to the surface.

>>Teledyne RDI's NEMO Waves Module can now be mounted directly inside the Workhorse ADCP pressure housing This new hardware integration allows for real time wave and current measurements with only one pressure canister for increased reliability. The NEMO now also includes the RS422 communications protocol for integration of processed wave and current data into your ocean observatory via long cable runs.

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Download Workhorse NEMO datasheet
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Application Information
Workhorse NEMO Application Notes
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Workhorse NEMO Product FAQs 
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NEW Waves Software and NEMO Configurations >>full details


  • Processed real-time ADCP/Waves data when and where you need it.
    NEMO’s real-time ADCP/Waves data processing capability provides condensed data packets for speedy transmission to the surface or shore via an acoustic or inductive modem or hard wire link.
  • Low power —extended deployment. NEMO ’s low power consumption allows for longer deployment and reduced lifetime maintenance cost.
  • Easy to configure —easy to operate. NEMO has been designed with the user in mind. Windows CE-based software provides easy setup and operation.
  • Flexible design —turnkey solution. NEMO ’s flexible design allows for operation with Teledyne RDI ’s Waves Array products at deployment depths of up to 200m.

NEMO Applications

NEMO Highlighted Application:
Read about the University of South Florida's recent real-time waves measurement application

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NEMO FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Does NEMO actually collect waves and ADCP data?

Answer:  No, NEMO is used in conjunction with a Teledyne RDI Waves Array.  The two instruments are deployed together.   The NEMO unit processes the data collected by the Waves/ADCP unit and compresses the vast amounts of data to enable real time transmission to the surface.

More NEMO FAQs to follow soon.

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