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Marine Measurements

Ocean Surveyor ADCP
Explore new depths with proven ADCP technology...

Ocean Surveyors in various frequencies

Ocean Surveyor ADCP.
For over twenty years, Teledyne RD Instruments has been the preeminent supplier of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP) instrumentation for open ocean applications. Teledyne RDI’s vessel-mounted Ocean Surveyor family of ADCPs continues to raise the bar, collecting detailed maps of the distribution of water currents and suspended materials through the water column and along the ship’s path - at depths and resolutions previously considered unattainable. In real time, the ADCP is also used to aid in situ decision-making, to adapt field operations, and to understand current regime characteristics.

Key Specifications
Frequency: 38, 75 or 150 kHz
Max Range: Up to 1000m
Configuration: Deep water hull mount

Download Ocean Surveyor ADCP datasheet (318 Kb)» click here

Data Samples
Ocean Surveyor Data Samples
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Application Information
Ocean Surveyor Application Notes
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Ocean Surveyor Software Options
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Ocean Surveyor Product FAQs
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The Teledyne RDI Ocean Surveyor is the only vessel-mounted ADCP to incorporate:

  • Patented BroadBand signal processing combined with NarrowBand processing
  • Patented phased array transducers, significantly reducing transducer size
  • Combined current profiling, backscatter profiling, and Doppler velocity logs
  • Patented 4-beam design for data reliability


Ocean Surveyor ADCP Application Notes

OS onboard the Explorer of the Seas Highlighted Application:
Royal Carribean's Explorer of the Seas

Teledyne RDI's Ocean Surveyor collecting long term current data on board Royal Carribean's Explorer of the Seas » download Oceans 2002 paper detailing this program (1350 kB)

General OS application note General Application Note:

Learn more about the field application of Teledyne RDI's Ocean Surveyor » click here

Seismic illustration Powerful, complex and highly variable surface and subsurface water currents are an inherent component of the world’s oceans. If not properly monitored and incorporated into survey plans, ocean currents can disrupt seismic operations in a number of time-consuming and costly ways. » full details
Seismic illustration Fisheries Applications:
Learn about applying the Teledyne RDI’s Ocean Surveyor to fishery studies on the Georges Bank » click here and read yet another account » click here.


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Ocean Surveyor ADCP Data Samples

OS data sample 1

Deep Eddy Data
OS data sample 2

Echo Data
OS data sample 3

Backscatter Data
OS data sample 4


Ocean Surveyor ADCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

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