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Water Resources

Teledyne RDI Water Resources Products

The Water Resources family includes the following products:

  RiverRay ADCP:
Moving Discharge Measurement
  Vertical ADCP:
Open channel flow and velocity profile tool
  ChannelMaster H-ADCP:
Extended Range, Horizontal Profiling
  RiverRay ADCP   RiverRay ADCP   ChannelMaster H-ADCP  
  Discover Teledyne RD Instruments’ latest technology advancement. Simply power and go with the RiverRay ADCP, designed for precision discharge measurements in .5 to 40 meters of water.
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  Collect high-accuracy water flow, level and discharge measurements in open channels, rivers, streams, and irrigation canals.
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  High performance, value priced Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. Up to 300 meter range, 128 bins for extended range, high resolution data.
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  StreamPro ADCP:
Shallow Water Discharge Tool
  Rio Grande ADCP:
Moving Discharge Measurement
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  StreamPro ADCP   Rio Grande ADCP    
  Want accurate measurements without even entering the water? Discover Teledyne RDI's revolutionary tool for shallow water discharge measurement in rivers and streams.
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  The product that started it all --- the Rio Grande is the tool of choice for precision discharge measurement from a moving boat.
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